Upholstered Walls

Wall panels are the latest design innovation in our range.

Truly bespoke, each wall design is unique as the panels must fit your wall perfectly. Every panel is individually designed, hand-made and upholstered resulting in a luxurious tactile finish. We recently created a  unique design for Chantelle and Steve's master bedroom suite on The Block - Fans vs Faves. As you can see from the images below, the upholstered wall could be mistaken for a bedhead, but it is actually quite different and has a luxuriously comtemporary slimline finish.


Our upholstered wall panels can be designed to fit any size wall, as well as a wide variety of panel shapes and upholstery styles. We can also use different thickness foams to increase the visual impact, if you prefer this look.

Whether you’re wanting to create an upholstered wall in a media room, a dramatic fabric wall in a dining room or even a modern alternative to an upholstered bedhead by panelling a feature wall, our upholstered wall panels add elegance to your home.

Please contact us to discuss your design requirements.