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Faux Animal Home Accents to Love

Posted by on November 18, 2014 .

Just because you are loving the ‘back to the wild’ trend right now which features antlers and other animal home accents, it doesn’t mean you have to purchase the real McCoy. Today, artisans and lighting and object designers are translating the ‘cabin in the woods’ interior look with some incredible and surprising results.

One of the main things to love about this is they offer a fresh take on this trend, not to mention the fact that no animals products are used during the process of their making.

Faux animal heads

Ceramic, felt and porcelain faux animal heads are popular right now. For bedrooms and living rooms, these animal heads made from a range of materials aren’t designed to emulate the real thing so they bring to the table their own stylish appeal, minus the tacky factor.

From Etsy bespoke items to Typo, everyone is giving their own interpretation of this trend right now meaning you can pick up an incredible piece of 3D wall art for a lot less than you’d think.

Antler lighting accents


For those who love the traditional look of antler chandeliers but aren’t too keen on hanging real antlers in their home, these antler chandelier lights made from poly-resin are the perfect lighting accent. Whether you want something in a traditional looking natural colour, or prefer something in either a glossy black or white finish, you can work this light fixture any way you want to.

Faux sheepskin and cowhide rugs

There are plenty of homeware stores and rug sellers that now stock faux sheepskin and cowhide rugs. Not only are these items free from any animal derivatives, but they also look really stylish in living areas and bedrooms.

Whether you want to add a fun splash of colour to a bedroom or living room, or you’re in the process of negotiating a man cave area in your home and still want to have a say on the interior motif used, these faux animal home accents are completely gender neutral and take the idea of using animal accents in the home to a pleasant, vibrant new level.


Katie Preston Toepfer is an author, writer, freelancer and content coordinator at GoLights is an online retail destination offering premium lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications. In 2013 Katie released her first book in conjunction with her blog, Wedding Dogs.,